7 Beautiful Sunflower Hair Accessories

Whether you are looking for beautiful sunflower hair accessories to brighten your day with a little sunshine, sunflower hair accessories for your wedding, or sunflower accessories to remember and pray for the people of Ukraine, then look no further than the sunny hair accessories below, which include sunflower hair clips, sunflower hair pins, sunflower hair sticks, sunflower bobby pins, sunflower barrettes, sunflower hair pieces, and more! 🌻

1. Sunflower Hair Clips

You can't go wrong with a sunflower hair clip from Lilla Rose. Made out of strong flexible piano wire, it comes in 7 sizes that works in ALL types of hair, from baby-fine to super long and thick. So whether you need a small sunflower hair clip for just a half-up hairstyle or for fine hair, a medium or large sunflower hair clip for a full updo or thick hair, or even an XXL hair clip for dreadlocks, there is a perfect one for you!

To learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi clip, including finding your perfect size, see my post HERE.

sunflower hair clip half up
sunflower hair clips
sunflower hair clip gray hair
sunflower hair clip long hair
sunflower hair clip dreads
sunflower hair clip dreadlocks

2. Sunflower U-Shaped Hair Pins

U-shaped hairpins are perfect for holding any beautiful updo. Just two hair pins will hold any top knot bun, braided bun, French twist, messy bun, braided half-ups and more.

These lovely sunflower hair pins would be perfect for your sunflower-themed wedding. They work in fine hair as well as thick hair, so will hold perfectly in your sunflower bridal hair and sunflower updos of your bridesmaids and flower girls.

To learn more about Lilla Rose U-pins and how to use them for so many pretty updos, including wedding hairstyles, see my post How to Use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time.

sunflower u-pins braided bun
sunflower u-shaped hair pins
sunflower u-pins braids
sunflower hair pins braided bun

3. Sunflower Hair Sticks

I love the casual look and ease of wood hair sticks. Just one or two can securely hold any updo. Check out these gorgeous burnished copper sunflower hair sticks in dark wood.

To see more hair stick styles, including hair stick tutorials on how to use hair sticks in buns, French twists, and more, see my post 12 Best Hair Stick Styles.

sunflower hair stick
sunflower hair sticks
sunflower hair stick bun
sunflower wood hair sticks

4. Sunflower Bobby Pins

I love these super cute sunflower bobby pins by Lilla Rose. They come in two vintage antiqued finishes: burnished copper and nickel silver tone. Like all Lilla Rose bobby pins, they are super strong and tight for a hold that will NOT slip, even in the finest or thinnest of hair. 

To learn more about these super strong bobby pins, including seeing a variety of beautiful bobby pin hairstyles you can do with them, as well as my favorite bobby pin styles, see my post 21 Best Bobby Pins for Fine and for Thick Hair.

sunflower bobby pins burnished copper
burnished copper sunflower bobby pins
silver sunflower bobby pins curly hair
silver sunflower bobby pins

5. Sunflower Braided Leather Hair Barrette with Stick

I love the natural look of the genuine braided leather sunflower hair barrettes with sticks. So light and comfortable as well. Choose the suggested matching wood hair stick that is shown on the website, or mix-and-match and choose a different style of hair stick to make this beautiful sunflower hair slide uniquely your own.

To learn how to use these leather hair barrettes with sticks, watch my video How to Use the Leather 8 Flexi Hair Clips.

sunflower braided leather 8 barrette stick
sunflower braided leather hair slide with stick

6. Burnished Copper Sunflower Hair Pins

These sunflower hair pins are so pretty in a rustic burnished copper finish. Love the unique texture of sunflower seeds.

To learn more about Lilla Rose U-pins and how to use them for so many pretty hairstyles, including wedding updos, see my post How to Use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time.

sunflower hair pins in twist
burnished copper sunflower u hair pins

7. Burnished Copper Sunflower Hair Clips

You can also get the rustic burnished copper finish in a lovely sunflower hair clip with natural wood beads. This hair clip by Lilla Rose comes in 7 different sizes to fit all types of hair, from thick to thin, and be able to style almost any hairstyle you'd like, from a half-up half down hairstyle to a bun, to a full updo.

To learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi clip, including finding your perfect size, see my post HERE.

burnished copper sunflower hair clip braided half up
burnished copper sunflower hair clip

8. Sunflower Hair Piece

I love this beautiful sunflower hair piece that is perfect for your sunflower-themed wedding!

You can choose either silver or rose gold with pearl and crystal accents on this lovely sunflower hair comb.

A perfect sunflower hair piece for any bridal updo.

sunflower hair piece
sunflower hair comb

Where to Buy Sunflower Hair Accessories

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