11 Ways to Wear your Hair to Bed to Protect your Hair while you Sleep

Does your long hair get in your way while you are sleeping? Or worse, does your hair get hot or tangle and break while tossing and turning resting peacefully at night?

Then you may want to consider wearing your hair up at night!

Putting your hair up to bed protects your long hair while sleeping so that it stays strong, shiny and healthy.

Read on to learn the best hairstyles to wear to bed, as well as other helpful tips on keeping your hair healthy and cool while you sleep!

ways to wear your hair to bed

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10 Benefits of Wearing your Hair up for Bed

First of all, why should you put your hair up to sleep in, anyway?

1. Keeps you cool (this is a must if you suffer from those pesky hot-flashes!)
2. Keeps your hair from tangles
3. Keeps your hair from breakage

4. Protects your hair from split ends

5. Helps keep moisture in your hair
6. Prevents frizzy hair

7. Helps your hair recover from the stresses of the day

8. Keeps the oils from your hair getting on your pillow then your face (Eww!)

9. Keeps your hair out of your face (which can be quite annoying!)

10. Helps maintain your style (especially helpful for curly or wavy hair!)

How to Wear your Hair to Bed

Cute Bedtime Hairstyles

Okay, now that you know why you should put your hair up while sleeping, let's get to the good stuff...protective hairstyles for bed!

The following cute bedtime hairstyles are all great for putting your hair up comfortably and securely for a restful night of slumber and beautiful hair in the morning.

1. Pineapple Bun Hairstyle in a Flexi Sport

Wearing your hair in a pineapple bun on the top of your head is a great way to sleep with long hair, wavy hair, or curly hair that you want to protect.

This is a favorite of long-haired and curly girls everywhere!

The Flexi Sport is a lightweight, super-grip, no-slip hair clip that is great for holding up the Pineapple Bun, as it is so easy to put in and take out without pulling, tangling, or damaging your hair like hair ties do.

You can learn more about the Flexi Sport in my post Best Hair Accessories for Working Out

pineapple bun wear to bed to sleep sport
top pineapple bun flexi sport wear hair to bed

2. Long braid secured with a mini Flexi hair clip

A classic 3-strand braid either down the middle of the back or down the side is a great option for wearing to bed. You can also clip it up out of the way if you'd like it totally out of the way.

You can secure the end with a hair tie, or, better yet, a mini Flexi clip that doesn't pull, snag, or damage your hair.

Learn how to secure a long braid with a Flexi in my post How to Braid your Hair with a Flexi Clip

To see all of the other hairstyles an amazing mini hair clip can do, see my post 7 Super Cute Ways to Wear Mini Hair Clips

long braid hairstyle to sleep bed

3. Top Knot Bun hairstyle secured with U-Pins

Just one or two U-pins can securely and comfortably hold up your hair all night long.

To learn more about U-pins and how to use them, see my post How to use U-Shaped Hair Pins for Perfect Styling Every Time!

Top knot bun u pins wear to bed

Two U-pins in a Top Knot Bun in long thick hair

one simple u-pin wear hair to bed sleep

Just one U-Pin can hold up a bun hairstyle with thin hair

4. Folded Top Bun in a Flexi Sport

A Folded Top Bun is very similar to a Pineapple Bun. Simply make a ponytail on top of your head, fold down, and clip with a Flexi Sport. 

folded top knot bun flexi sport

In the following video, I show you how to do a folded Top Knot Bun using an extra large (EX) Flexi Sport. (My hair is extra thick, so I need the larger size for my hair, but most ladies may be able to do a folded top bun with the classic medium sized Sport. See my sizing guide HERE.)

This whole video is very helpful, but if you just want to see how to do a Folded Top Bun, you can skip to the 4-minute mark.

5. Tails-Out Bun in a Flexi Sport

Here is another bedtime hairstyle using the Flexi Sport. It is like a bun hairstyle, except that you leave the ends out for a more messy look.
Super comfortable!

"Slept in the Sport!! I hate my hair in my face when I sleep. I normally put it up in a Flexi Flip. I wore the sport to an event yesterday and forgot to switch it before bed. Love this!! It didn’t move at all!" - April A.

To learn more about the super-grip, no-slip Flexi Sport, see my post HERE.

Flexi sport wear hair to bed tails out bun

6. Top Knot Bun in a Hair Stick

Now, you might think that a hair stick would poke you throughout the night, but I have several friends who love wearing a hair stick in their top knot bun to sleep in!
The key is to make sure the bun is actually on the top of your head! Then both the stick as well as your hair are all out of your way while you sleep.

Check out my post How to use Hair Sticks [10 Easy Hair Stick Hairstyles You’ll Love!] to learn how to do this hairstyle as well as other hair stick styles.

hair stick top knot bed sleep

7. Bun with an Acrylic Hair Fork

A high bun on the top of your head secured with a super-lightweight acrylic hair fork is a very comfortable way to wear your hair to bed. 

Check out my post How do you Use a Hair Fork? to learn more about this amazing little hair accessory and how to use it in a variety of hairstyles!

acrylic hair fork wear to bed bun hairstyle

"My new obsession! Very comfortable; I slept in this one." - Destiny W.

bun acrylic swerve bed sleep

8. Top Knot Bun in a Swerve U-Pin

Another top knot bun (I think I am beginning to see a theme!) but this time secured with a Swerve U-Pin. This super-comfortable u-shaped hair pin holds extremely well.

Just one Swerve will hold up your top knot bun all night long. Check out my post How to Use a Large U Shaped Hairpin for Elegant yet Easy Updos! to learn more and see video tutorials on how to use them!

I love this testimonial from my friend Christine:
"I never used to wear anything in my hair at night… BUT, I’ve been using a simple Swerve in a high loose bun and will never go back! It keeps it from tangling and frizzing up. I also love that it keeps it out of my face and off my neck. If I have curls it preserves them way better than without. I also recommend a satin or silk pillowcase." - Christine T.

swerve u-pin top knot bun wear to bed sleep

9. High Bun in a Silk Scrunchie

A high bun or top knot bun secured with a protective and gentle silk scrunchie will protect and hold your hair all night. I love this one made of 100% pure mulberry silk from Wadolow. It is super stretchy, smooth and gentle on your hair. 

Use coupon code "PAULA" to get 15% off your first order!

silk scrunch wear to bed to sleep

10. Silk Bonnet, Cap or Scarf

Many ladies prefer wearing a silk bonnet, cap, or scarf to bed. The material is soft and gentle, and the bonnet keeps hair out of your face and protects it from tangles and breakage.

mulberry silk hair bonnet for bed sleep

11. Heck, Just Wear It All Down!

After saying all that, you may just decide that you like having your hair loose and free to sleep in, and that is perfectly fine as well!

I love what my friend Missy had to say:

"I'm an oddball!  I wear my hair down and just flop it up over the top of my pillow. After having it all up during the day, it wants to be FREEEEE!!!!" - Missy P.

I mean hey, life is short, right? 😉😄

Tips on How to Protect your Hair while Sleeping

1. Make sure your hair is dry

wet tangled hair

One of the most important tips to protect your hair while you sleep is to make sure it is dry. This means you should avoid going to bed with wet hair. Going to bed with wet hair can cause your hair to be more prone to breakage and damage, as well as making it more likely to develop tangles and knots.

To ensure your hair is dry before you go to sleep (if you must wash it before bed), try using a blow dryer or a hooded dryer, and make sure to use a heat protectant to minimize the damage.  My favorite heat protectant is Thermal Defense by Lilla Rose.

2. Brush your hair before bed

Brushing your hair before bed is an important part of a healthy hair care routine. Not only does it help to spread natural oils evenly along the hair shaft, it also helps to remove any tangles and knots that may have accumulated during the day.

This can help to prevent breakage while you sleep and will also keep your scalp healthy and clean. Additionally, brushing your hair before bed helps to stimulate the scalp, which can help to promote hair growth.

If you want the best brush for the best scalp massage ever, check out THIS ONE. Trust me on this...you will end up buying this for all your friends!

3. Apply Hair Serum to the ends of your hair

hair serum on ends of hair before bed

A great tip to protect your hair while you sleep is to apply a hair serum on the ends. Hair serum is a leave-in treatment specifically designed to help restore moisture and shine to dry and damaged hair.

It also helps protect hair from the heat of styling tools. When applied to the ends of your hair, it can help to prevent split ends and breakage while you sleep.

To use, simply apply a few drops of the serum to your palms, rub it together, and then distribute it evenly throughout your hair, concentrating on the ends.

This will help to keep the ends of your hair nourished and healthy. You can shop for my favorite hair serum HERE.

4. Avoid tight elastics or hair ties

tangled hair tie

One of the best tips to protect your hair while you sleep is to avoid using tight elastics or hair ties. These can put too much pressure on your hair, leading to damage, breakage and split ends.

Be sure to check out all of the safe and healthy alternatives I featured above in this post.

5. Sleep on a Silk pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a great way to help protect your hair while you sleep. Silk is incredibly soft, allowing your hair to glide across the pillowcase without snagging and breaking.

Additionally, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, which helps to reduce skin irritation and keeps your hair free of oils and dirt.

The natural proteins found in silk also help to reduce frizz and keep your hair looking healthy.

Silk pillowcases are also a great way to keep your hairstyle intact, as they help to reduce friction and keep your hairstyle in place.

My favorite thing about silk pillowcases, however, has to be how COOL it keeps me throughout the night, even when those pesky hot flashes* attack me!
 No more having to flip my pillow through the night, to get to the "cool" side!

All I can say is, that I wished I'd gotten one of these years ago!

(*Side note: If you need help with balancing those crazy hormones that may be driving you crazy, you've got to try Ease the Ache by Earthley. It is a miracle-worker, and I'm so glad I found it!)

mulberry silk pillowcase

More Healthy Hair Tips

For more tips on how to keep your hair shiny, strong, and beautiful, see my post Top 10 Tips For Healthy Hair Easily & Naturally

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how to wear your hair to bed at night

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