Best Lilla Rose Products For Busy Moms

One reason I love the Flexi is that it allows me to style my hair in just seconds and be ready for the day. 

This is super valuable when you are a busy mom, as busy moms don't have time to mess with their hair!

Here are the best Flexi's for busy moms...

Best Lilla Rose Products For Busy Moms...


This is my personal favorite Flexi (in my everyday go-to hairstyle, the French Twist.)

I just love all the beautiful shades of ocean blue! 


This is a top-seller year after year, as it is a classic that never goes out of style and goes with everything.


Pinapples are all the rage right now, and for good reason...they are just so cute and fun! I love this sparkly Pina Flexi.


All the different finishes of the Enchanting Flexi make it a unique style that is simply beautiful! (This is a retired style, but you can get it from me HERE!)


For the mom who wants no-fuss and no-bling, the Simple Band is perfect!


Knot Leather Braided 8

The Celtic Knot is a classic in genuine black braided leather and a coordinating espresso wooden hair stick.

I hope these top picks gave you ideas for the perfect gift for the busy mom on your list! (And if you are a busy mom yourself, feel free to treat yourself to one!)

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