Easy Hack for Turning a Purse into a Backpack in 3 Seconds Flat

I love relaxing brisk walks on the beach, but there was one thing that marred my peace while walking...I was constantly having to readjust my crossbody bag, as it would keep flopping around and getting in my way.

But then I discovered this simple 3-second hack for turning my purse into a backpack that totally blew my mind.  

I didn't have to go buy a special "beach backpack," but could almost instantly turn any long-strapped shoulder bag, purse, crossbody bag, or messenger bag into a backpack that was lightweight, out of my way, and easy to carry.

This quick and easy hack for how to wear a purse like a backpack is simply brilliant, and I can't wait to show you how to do it in just 3 easy steps.

turn crossbody bag into backpack

Video tutorial on how to turn your purse into a backpack in 3 easy steps:

Check out my short video tutorial below or scroll down to see how to turn your purse into a backpack step-by-step with pictures!

How to turn your purse into a backpack (step-by-step with pictures)

Step 1: Hold your purse up by the strap and place over your head with the front of the purse facing toward you.

Be sure to adjust the shoulder strap to its longest length first. Then by having the front part of your purse towards your body, it will ensure that the part you want to show will be outwards once you flip your purse onto your back.

Step 2: Put both arms through the middle of the strap, past your elbows, and take hold of your purse with both hands

Okay, looks kinda goofy, I know, but stick with me! This will be worth it, I promise!

Step 3: Flip the purse over your head and onto your back.

Almost there!
(Tip: After shooting this video and taking these photos, I realized it is much easier to flip your purse over your head if the straps are closer to being under your arms like the second pic below, rather than closer to your elbows as is shown in the first pic below. Learn from my mistakes!)


Wahoo! You have now converted your purse into a backpack in mere seconds! 

Wearing your purse as a backpack is so much more convenient and comfortable!

This same simple hack works on all types of purses and shoulder bags with long straps!

Turn your messenger bag into a backpack

Simply follow the same simple 3 steps to convert your messenger bag into a backpack.

Turn your crossbody bag into a backpack

Convert your crossbody bag into a backpack using, yep, you got it...this simple 3-second hack! Not only is it comfy and out of your way, but it is such a cute way to wear your purse as well! 

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Thanks so much for checking out my post on this simple hack for turning your purse, crossbody bag, sling bag, side bag, or messenger bag into a backpack in 3 seconds flat!

Try it out and let me know how it works for you! 😊

If you enjoyed this easy hack, please share and pin on Pinterest! I appreciate it! 💜

turn your purse into a backpack

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